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This is from the anime Ef- A Tale of Memories, in which Chihiro Shindou, a young girl suffering from anterograde amnesia, decides to write a novel with the help of a friend. This is her 'novel'. Posted for personal reference. I love this story.

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I haven't logged into my main journal in AGES. orz. I need to be more social.

BUT TOO BAD. I'm going to Hetalianerd all over this post because I am a loser and such is my life.

ANYWAY, this needs to be drawn right now. It's amazing. I'm talking about the First Anglo-Dutch war. THIS IS HOW IT STARTED:

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Hetalia: FST Masterlist

Done for personal use, but for magoichi and vivamente, too. Or heck, anyone who even cares.

I compiled a rather large list of already-made FSTs in the Hetalia fandom. I just listed the characters/pairings involved, didn't bother to write down FST names or anything because this isn't a directory. I just wanted to see what pairings/characters haven't been done yet. This is only valid as of April 18, 2010.

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And with that, some ideas on FSTs that should be done:
America/Vietnam (in progress)
England/All Female Nations ('cause he's a pimp)
Switzerland/Liechtenstein (THERE ARE NO FSTS OF THEM. WTF FANDOM)

More to be added. Maybe.
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So. The iPad.

It's really neat, technology and aesthetic-wise. I especially like the 'bookstore'-type program where you can read books and immediately purchase them if you like them. The calendar looks really user-friendly too. I wouldn't mind messing around with that.

It's virtually just like a computer, only it's just...a screen that you touch. no keyboard, mouse, or anything. (a keyboard does pop up on screen where you can touch-type, though. It's large, so it shouldn't be a pain to type in). The only issue I have with this iPad is that, well, it's not a computer. I'm pretty sure that it doesn't have anywhere near the capacity of a normal computer, and programs that I use everyday probably won't be compatible with it, such as Adobe Creative Suite programs, computer games, etc.

From the looks of it, the iPad is supposed to support internet and Apps, as well as media storage for things like photographs and movies. And it's great for office work, such as emailing, scheduling, etc. The software for all of these things look so easy to use and just awesome. If these things are all you need in your electronic device, then the iPad looks pretty goddamn amazing, seriously.

But I have a lot more that I like to do, and I need a computer to do those things. So until Apple creates a full-blown computer that's just a giant touch screen, I'm afraid I won't be buying the iPad any time soon.
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This is totally stupid and unimportant, but-

One of my professors today made some allegory between idea generation and Canadian hockey players. Yeah. I forget exactly how it went because I was stupidly amused by this. I also find it funny that I was watching a bunch of videos of Canadian hockey players the other night, just for the hell of it.

I think my nerdiness is showing full bloom.